Are You Quirky?

We use words like “habits,” “quirks,” and “idiosyncrasies” to describe what we consider to be unusual behavior patterns in our lives.  Some habits become so pronounced in a person that when we see those same habits in other people we are immediately reminded of the first person.  We also begin to excuse those idiosyncrasies in others by saying something like, “Oh, that’s just Joan.”

An interesting thought about these “quirks” is that they were not usually life-long character traits.  Instead, they were developed throughout life’s circumstances.  Though we can learn some very valuable lessons as we walk through life, we must remain attentive to how we respond to those lessons and the habits we develop from those experiences.

The enemy of your soul will use situations in your life as an attempt to plant seeds of defeat in you.  We must understand that, many times, we are the one’s holding ourselves back through those quirky habits and idiosyncrasies.  We may be, through those quirks, feeding defeat in our lives.

Ask your Heavenly Father to show you any unhealthy habits which may be restraining you from experiencing God’s abundance in your life.

-Pastor Gary

Beat the Heat – Kidmin Summer Event Day!

Think – Sponges, Squirt Guns, Water Buckets, and More!  Yes, your kids will have a BLAST exploring what it means to be ‘Blessed,’ to ‘Not Fear,’ ‘Not Worry,’ and ‘Always Bear Fruit’ as they dive into Jeremiah 17:7,8 and Psalm 56:11!

Water, Kids, and Scripture add up to a TREMENDOUSLY Special Event Day!

Splish Splash Day is an Excitingly Fun and Highly Energetic Special Event Day designed to creatively help children discover what happens when they trust God!

The Splish Splash Day Event Kit includes:

  • – Set of Indoor / Outdoor Game Ideas
  • – Complete Children’s Service
  • – PowerPoint Presentation
  • – Reproducible Full-Color Invitation Cards
  • – Reproducible Full-Color 8×11 Poster
  • – Reproducible Full-Color “I Took the Plunge on Splish Splash Day” Stickers
  • – Printable Rebus Scripture Picture Theme Verse
  • – Set of Title Graphics

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Open Children’s Ministry Positions

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