NEW – Back 2 School BLAST! – KIDMIN Lesson

Your kids are presented with all kinds of challenges during this new school year, whether it be people-type problems–such as bullying or lying, temptation, or dilemmas in which they do not have the wisdom or knowledge on their own to remedy!

Your kids can go Back 2 School with a BLAST by using God’s example of when to “come to Him with a blast” from Numbers 10!

An acronym off the word BLAST covers 5 common school-related situations in which your kids will learn the vital need to go to God!  Action-packed games are included in the lesson to illustrate each of the 5 vital “go to God” points!

After experiencing Back 2 School BLAST, your kids can go through their school year, coming back time and time again, with testimonies of God’s great intervention in their school-related obstacles!

THIS IS AN AWESOME LESSON! – authored and designed by Alisa J. Linn

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Back 2 School BLAST - Kids' Ministry Lesson