The Incredible Edible Kids’ Lesson

This NEW Christmas-themed lesson is the “MOST DELICIOUS KIDS’ LESSON EVER!”

It’s Printable – Projectable AND Edible!

How AWESOME is that?!?

It’s called the “12 Names of Christmas.”  Yes, there are many “Names of Christmas” but Jesus will always be the name your volunteer chooses to declare what Christmas is all about!

-Powerful Emphasis: So many names! God’s love is expressed through so many marvelous promises and prophecies! Still, God’s love, His promises, and His plan of salvation are all wrapped up into one name, JESUS!

You can share the beautiful gift of salvation this Christmas season through this creatively interactive lesson using a jumbo cookie and 12 names pointing to the Christmas story.

-Wonderfully Adaptable: This lesson is marvelously adaptable to any size group. Use the included PowerPoint version for large groups! Use the printable version for medium to small groups or one on one! Use the edible cookie version for groups, parties, or one on one!

(Studies show that the more your students are involved in the learning process, the more they retain.  Can you imagine the effectiveness of seeing, hearing, touching, and EATING your lesson?!?)

This instant download lesson is in the Christmas section of Children’s Ministry Today’s site!

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