I Want You to Achieve Greater Things

In Psalm 81:13, God makes a statement which all of us should take time to consider.  He says, “If my people would only listen to me, if they would only follow my ways.”

With these words fresh in your thoughts, think for a moment of a time when you were simply frustrated because you were trying every way you knew to succeed at something.  It could have been at work, in ministry, in a financial situation, or even in a relationship.  Yet, everything you tried fell short and failed.  You may have even thought to yourself, “Doesn’t scripture say that God will cause the works of my hands to prosper? What’s going on here?”

God has ordained your path and prepared ‘good works’ ahead of time for you to do.  The basis for achieving greater things is found in the Psalm, “listen to and follow God’s ways.”

His plans for you are higher than your plans.  His designs for you are greater than your designs.  When you follow His plans, He will cause the works of your hands to succeed.

You can ACHIEVE greater things because you have been created in Christ to do the greater things God has prepared for you to do.

“Knowing that, in Christ, you are CREATED for greater things demands that you BELIEVE for greater things and develop a perspective of EXPECTING greater things which positions you to RECEIVE and ACHIEVE greater things through Christ Jesus!”

Love in Christ,
Pastor Gary

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