KIDMIN Encouragement from Pastor Gary

In this CMT eNews, I’d like to give you a word of encouragement.  (One of those ‘iron sharpening iron’ – ‘pastor to pastor’ sort of encouragements that each of us need to receive from time to time.)

In Isaiah 35:8 we read, “a highway shall be there, and a way; and it shall be called a Holy Way.”

What exactly is a “Holy Way?”  For us to even begin to answer that question or understand more fully the illustration of Isaiah 35:8 and the marvelously descriptive verses surrounding it, we must better understand God’s holiness.

We limitedly describe God’s holiness in terms of purity, cleanness, godliness, love, justness, righteousness, etc…  Yet, though we were to apply every descriptive word known to man in an effort to define God’s holiness, we would never fully comprehend His holiness.

Still, it is His holiness which is at work in our lives.  It is His holiness which governs the eternal affairs of man.  It is His holiness that has bridged the gap between sinful man and God, Himself.

And, it was at the “Expense of His Holiness” that God, in the person of Christ Jesus, took upon Himself the very thing which is in every way the total opposite of who He is– sin.

You are so valuable to God.  He so greatly cherishes your eternal life with Him that He was willing for Jesus to give up the core of who He is, His holiness, to accept your sin as His own.

I pray that you these thoughts encourage you.  You are valuable to God.  Christ’s sacrifice was for YOU (not what you do).  For a moment, remove yourself from your successes/failures and be reminded of the boundless love God has for YOU!

May you continue in His Greatness!

Pastor Gary

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