NEW What’s the Word for Father’s Day Lesson

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“What’s the Word” for FATHER’S DAY-New Kids’ Ministry Game & Lesson Download parodies the popular app!

This new downloadable KidMin lesson is a spin-off of the popular app and gives your kids’ ministry a brilliant lesson created by 19 games that teach points from God vital for our families to live “well,” as in Deuteronomy 4:40:

  • – Obeying God’s instructions will cause your family’s lives to go well.
  • – A good father is happy to obey God’s instructions.
  • – A good father is a model for his family of a godly life.
  • – A good father trains his family in God’s Word.
  • – A good father handles his own family well.

Ultimately, each person participating in this service, whether kids, or adults and kids in an all-family service, will be challenged believe in God’s almighty power to bring healing to their individual families so that its members are happy to obey God and their lives can go “well!”

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