What Are “Empty Minutes?”

What are “Empty Minutes”?

Late missionary and author, Frank Laubach wrote: “I have this minute in my control.  It is all I really do have to work with.  It is as magnificent or drab or vile as the thoughts which fill it.  I fear our most common sin is empty minutes.”

As you read that statement, maybe you thought to yourself something like, “Well I surely do not have ANY empty minutes.  In fact, I’m so busy I could use many more minutes each day.”

‘Empty minutes’ refers to much more than the action of being busy!  Though busyness is a healthy part of our daily lives, we should ask ourselves, “Do I have the right kind of busyness in my life?”  Is the sum total of our busyness filled with empty minutes?

We are daily surrounded by the ever-increasing hustle and bustle of life’s activities.  There are so many things on our checklist of life that must be done, that could be done, that want to be done, and those that are never done.  There is so much activity and so many distractions that we find it more of a challenge to be sensitive to God’s Spirit within us.  He gave us His Spirit to enable us to live ‘more than overcoming’ lives in this world.  Too often, we feel more ‘overcome’ than ‘overcoming.’  Could it be that during those ‘empty minutes’ His Spirit was speaking but our busyness prevented us from hearing?

Let’s meet the challenge of turning the busyness of those empty minutes into a healthy and God-directed use of our time and energies.

– Pastor Gary


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– Pastor Gary