John Travolta in Kidmin?

If you are on facebook, you may have noticed ads on the side of your feed page featuring pictures of John Travolta lifting weights.  I’ve seen a couple of different pictures over the past months with him lifting weights.  Looking closely at the ad, I could tell that his face has been photoshopped onto someone else’s body.

It is the topic of “weights” that I want to focus on for a moment.  Are there weights in Kidmin?  Weights can be good or bad.  Weights can strengthen you but weights can also overload you and keep you from accomplishing your goals.

Consider Hebrews 12:1 which says to get rid of both ‘sin’ and ‘weights’ (some translations say hindrances).  If the weight is separate from sin, then it must be something good that is still weighing you down and keeping you from running your race effectively.

With Hebrews 12:1 fresh in your thoughts, you can look at Joshua 9:14-15 with a greater understanding of what may be weighing you down in your ministry.  It tells of how the Israelites did not inquire of God but were deceived by “sampling the provisions” which lead them to “making a treaty.”  We can be deceived into adding weights which keep us from effective ministry by being fooled into developing behavior patterns and ministry routines that weigh us down and are not scriptural.  We sample them and then make a treaty to daily carry them along with us.

I encourage you to honestly and open-heartedly ask God to reveal the weights you may be carrying.  Allow God to reveal to you if you have “sampled a provision” or “made a treaty” with something that has become a weight to you and the ministry you are carrying out for His kingdom.

As we walk free from sins and hindrances, we operate in daily life and ministry with a level of total love and devotion to God that makes us supernaturally effective. Let’s live and minister at the ultimate level of God’s best for our lives, living free from sin and hindrances!

So, don’t be tricked into believing the weights you are carrying are all building you up.  They may be nothing more than a John Travolta photoshopped picture to trick you into being weighted down.

-Pastor Gary

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