New Christmas Gospel Magic Lesson

New Christmas Gospel Magic Lesson – Pointing the Way to Jesus
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-Personal Word of Encouragement from Pastor Gary

Pointing the Way to Jesus – NEW Christmas Gospel Magic Lesson

Christmas RepeatIn this wonderful Christmastime twist on the all-time classic three-card repeat illusion, you beautifully illustrate how the star and angel pointed the way for the magi and shepherds to find Jesus.  Using only three cards, you first show all three cards have a picture of a golden star. Then, as you show all three again, they have all changed to a picture of an angel. Finally, you bring the application that the cross also points the way for us to find Jesus as you reveal that one of the three cards has again changed to a picture of a wooden cross.

This Adobe Acrobat .pdf file has step-by-step instructions with full color photo illustrations and all three cards.

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Personal Word of Encouragement from Pastor Gary

You must have noticed by now the many different changes to Children’s Ministry Today’s online ministry.  They have been in the planning for years, but we were just recently able to implement them.  Here’s something that I have been reminded of frequently over the past couple of months that will truly challenge and encourage you as well.

HOLD ON TO YOUR VISION!  HOLD ONTO YOUR CALL!  When God places a vision in your heart, do not let go of it!  Do not allow distractions, discouragements, or criticisms to steal the vision.  Keep pressing forward.  Keep looking for opportunities to move closer to seeing it come to fruition.  Many leaders often compare this process to that of a woman being pregnant.  There is often a birthing process in which the many different aspects of the vision must develop before it can become a reality.  One thing is for sure.  Once you have a call or vision placed within your heart, it will take place as long as you carry it on to completion.

This is an important word for all of us, especially during this time of year when the hustle and bustle of the season seems to be at its peak.  It can be easy to set the vision aside in order to focus on other things.  If you do this, you may find yourself becoming distracted or discouraged, which may result in you losing heart.

As we are reminded, “Do not become weary in doing good!”  Hold on to your vision!  Hold on to your call!  He is faithful to complete what He has started in you, your life, and your ministry!

– Pastor Gary