Getting Results in Children’s Ministry

Getting Results in Children’s Ministry – Ministry Memo from Pastor Gary

When others describe you and/or your ministry, what do they say?  Do their comments include things like the following? “He is so creative.”  “She absolutely loves the kids.”  “Our kids have lots of fun at our church.”  “Our church does so many things for our children.”  “You should see the great setup we have for our children’s ministry.”

All of these comments are great but, when you get down to it, each of them focuses upon an attribute of either you or your ministry.  Making a positive impression is a good start for every ministry; however, ministry is more than an impression.  True ministry is seen through results — results of lives being changed, kids resisting temptation, parents learning to lead their children closer to God, and a church that is impacting its community.

I like what Peter Drucker said, “Leadership is defined by results not attributes.”  If you are wanting to see results in ministry, then carefully examine your leadership skills.

A dear friend has been a challenge to me this year.  I’ve seen how he is ever-growing in his leadership abilities, gleaning from books and other pastors.  God clearly spoke to my friend to take another step forward in ministry.  In preparation, God directed him to focus on his own leadership.  I truly believe that when the right door opens for him, he will see an abundance of results in the ministry God gives him.

I pray that the ministry God has entrusted into your hands is saturated with results!  Be who God has created you to be, go where God has directed you to go, and do what God has called you to do!  Then, watch as God ministers His love through you!

Pastor Gary

This Sunday is CRAZY HAT DAY at Our Church!

What can you do with a hat, 2 quarters, fruit loops, duct tape, and something to draw on? Give up? Have an AWESOMELY EXCITING Bible lesson with your kids called “Crazy Hat Day!”  That is what I will be doing with our kids this coming Sunday as a Special Follow-Up Day to our Summer Kids’ Outreach!

Crazy Hat DayThis downloadable packet includes:
– Illustrated and Interactive Lesson
– Crazy Hat Day Craft Idea
– Rebus Scripture Picture Verse Puzzle PowerPoint Presentation & Printable PDF
– Color Poster and Postcard Masters
– 14 Additional Party-Style Hat Games
– Printable ‘I Got Ahead on Crazy Hat Day!’ Stickers
– Extra Ideas to Super-size Your Crazy Hat Day

What is ‘Crazy Hat Day’ all about? It is a wonderful opportunity for you to share with your kids the importance of looking ahead to God’s promise of eternal life in Christ. You will use Crazy Hat Day to lead your kids into understanding great Biblical truths by way of some common characteristics of hats.