Thanksgiving Note from Pastor Gary & Alisa

“Note from Pastor Gary & Alisa Linn – CMToday”

We wish to express our deepest thankfulness for you and your ministry!  It is the joy of our service for God to join together with you in ministering His love to His children.  Thank you for sharing with us in ministry!  Alisa and I pray this blessing over you, your family, and your ministry.

Heavenly Father, You have raised up our friend to reach out to this hurting world.  I pray for our friend as they walk daily in Christ’s footsteps.  Empower them to shepherd Your flock.  Let their “example in speech, in life, in love, in faith, and in purity” lead others into a loving relationship with You through Your Son, Jesus.  We speak Your grace into their lives for any trials they may be facing.  We speak Your Spirit’s motivation into their heart so they are refreshed for their labor.  Give them wisdom as they work and equip others for ministry.  May the work of their hands bring praise unto Your Holy Name!  Amen.

Alisa and I pray for you to enjoy a wonderful Thanksgiving season as you reflect on God’s goodness, care, and provision.

– Pastor Gary & Alisa

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