Is Your Kids’ Ministry Area Exciting?

Does the atmosphere in your children’s ministry area motivate a desire in your kids to be there? How do you create an inviting atmosphere in your children’s ministry area both in and outside of the classroom? Many children’s workers use music and special lighting to add an intriguing ambiance which their kids love. Some churches have designed entire themed buildings, entryways, and rooms. With an average church size in the US being around 75 on Sunday morning, a marvelous and exceptionally cost effective idea is using Bible story murals. Here are some pictures:

On a side note, Alisa and I are thrilled to see how the Children’s Ministry Inspiration Vault continues to assist leaders all around this globe! In addition to the 205 countries of leaders already benefiting from the CMIV, over the past few months, leaders from six more countries have started using the ideas on the CMIV. Here is a “WELCOME” to our new friends in Burundi, Malvinas (Falkland Islands), Nauru, French Polynesia, Reunion, and Uzbekistan! We pray for God to use the ideas, lessons, and ministry insights in the CMIV bless you and your ministry!

-Pastor Gary

Here is a NEW 10-15 Minute Lesson PERFECT for this New Year!

Turn Over a New Leaf” – Lead your kids in taking their relationship with God to a new level! The lesson challenges your kids to be committed to discovering God’s ways and goals in Scripture and through the voice of His Spirit.

Volunteers from your group will freely select four cards to set aside from a group of five cards, each picturing a large leaf. Turning over each of the four leaves reveal large, humorous emoticons which you use to discuss four poor choices/lifestyles from the past that must be changed by “turning over a new leaf.” Finally, you turn over the last chosen leaf to reveal a new lifestyle of obedience and friendship with Jesus.