The GREATER Victory is When…

URLUVD Valentine Service

The above picture features the new UR LUVD Valentine Kids’ Service.  Yes, Valentine’s Day is upon us and many of us will be teaching about God’s love.  I want to personally challenge you as a leader concerning the power of God’s love in your life and ministry.

Often when we focus on God’s love, we talk of the warmth and comfort we experience in His love.  Still, there is so much more in His love than an emotional response can express.  There is power in His love, power that changes our lives and changes this world.  God’s love places us into the marvelous position of being IN CHRIST!  We are IN Christ and Christ has overcome the world!  Did you catch that?  You are IN CHRIST who has overcome the world!

So, how exactly does that apply to you today?  Are you feeling a little down?  Are you overwhelmed?  Do you feel a loss of direction? The devil will try to use those emotions to whittle away at your faith to cause you to dispair.  Stop right now and remind yourself of who you are!  You are a child of God!  You are an heirYou are strong and mighty!  Sure, problems may come!  But it is just like Alisa once said to me, “The greater victory is not when problems do not come.  The greater victory is when I overcome the problems!”  It is when God is glorified through my response and victorious life!  Long for the greater victory! Long for the POWER of God’s love to be evident in your life.  God’s love equips you with every thing you need to be an overcomer, just as His word says in 2 Peter 1:3, “His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and goodness.”

Alisa and I pray for you to realize and experience the power of His love!

-Pastor Gary


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