Just Do IT!

The IT in the subject of the phrase ‘Just Do IT’ is capitalized for an important reason. I want it to get your attention and focus your thoughts for a moment on to two words, “Intensive Teaching!” Are you giving and receiving “Intensive Teaching?” Maybe I should clarify what I mean by “Intensive Teaching” first.

Mark writes an interesting statement in chapter 9 verse 30 where he says, “Jesus did not want anyone to know where they were, because He was teaching His disciples.” We see Jesus teaching His disciples in what we term ‘small group’ settings. I would categorize these times as times of “Intensive Teaching” which were specifically focused toward the growth and maturity of His disciples. They were different than those teaching sessions which were held in public settings and large group environments.

We need those times of ‘IT’ training! We need to be receiving ‘IT’ and giving ‘IT’. Often we seek to be in the large group settings. We seek the energy of crowds in our services, rallies, and special events. These large group settings fulfill a purpose and are much needed. Nevertheless, we must not exclude times of “Intensive Teaching.” Some call it discipleship, for that is the ultimate goal in its purpose, becoming more like Christ.

So, are you giving and receiving “Intensive Teaching?” I encourage you to ask God’s Holy Spirit to guide you in ways to better give and receive some ‘IT.’

-Pastor Gary

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