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Mar 25, 2003, 16:56

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Scripture:  Romans 5:8  "But God demonstrates His own love for us in this:
we were still sinners, Christ died for us."
Leviticus 27:30  "...the tithe...is the Lord's."

Props:  dry erase board, marker, eraser

Presentation: (Write "time" on the left of the board.)  "We show people that
we love them by spending time with them.  We also may show Jesus we love him
by spending time with Him. That could be time at church, reading our Bibles,
praying, singing, and stuff like that.  If we love him, we will give of our
time to Him."

(Write "talents" in the center of the board.)  "God has given each of us
special talents.  We should use those talents to help others and to show our
love to the Lord."

(Write "tithes" on the right of the board.)  "God also asks that we give of
our money.  When you give 10% of what you have to God, that's called a tithe.
 Now I understand that sometimes it's hard to give of your time to God."
(Point at "time.")  "Sometimes it is hard not to be nervous about giving of
your talents." (Point to word.)  It's even harder yet for some people to give
their tithes!"  (Point to "tithes.")

"We need to understand that if it wasn't for God, we wouldn't have any of
these things." (Erase all letters, except for the "t's".  Draw the "hill"
across the bottom of the t's.)

"Jesus has given so much to us.  He even gave His life!  Certainly we can
give back to Him what He desires.  Give of your time, your talents, and your
tithes and offerings."

Copyright    1996  Rev. Randy Christensen
This sample lesson is from the book "Tithe Talks Vol. 1" book.  Click here to
see the book details.

© Copyright 2003 by Children's Ministry Today

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